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Why Vertec IT Solutions

Our team at Vertec IT Solutions aim at customer satisfaction and achieve it. Working in the field of IT since the year of 2009 we have been able to build up a clientele based purely on the healthy service we provide as a team.

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    Hosting And Domain Names

Domain names may be classified according to their respective extensions - a domain name such as will end in an extension of 2/3 letters separated by one or more period “.” marks, that can be used to signify the country of the organization or the type of organization. The extension in the above case would be “.com”. Nowadays, there is an extensive collection of such extensions that can be chosen for your website’s domain name such as .com, .lk..

Domain Cost

Find the best rate for the domain you want.

Domain Types

Choose your domain to fit your business.      

Hosting Cost

We optimize the hosting cost – giving the best at the rate you can afford.

Types of Servers

We offer services for a vast range of servers – you can choose.