Custom CMS Websites

CMS or Content Management System websites are developed using special software systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, Magento and Drupal that allow users with minimum developing knowledge to create websites with ease. Therefore CMS websites are relatively cheaper in comparison to Custom PHP sites and can be completed at a surprisingly short developing period.

Coding Websites

Coding websites are a means of obtaining your own unique website over simply customizing a common template. Furthermore, the security of these websites will be much higher than that of the CMS websites plus with better performance, cost efficiency and a better shot at SEO.

E-Commerce Websites

In an age that technology has reached its very peak, people tend to use the internet even for their minor day to day activities. Therefore, every business would benefit from having their own ecommerce website to sell their products online reaching a larger clientele without much effort. Today, such websites like ebay, amazon and kapruka, ikman, kaymu available locally are immensely popular within the community.

Web Redesigning And Redeveloping

Main things you should understand as a customer regarding web designing and developing.

Is it attractive?

Generally speaking, people always judge by the appearance. Therefore your website having an attractive look and content is essential in order to gain more customers.

Is it responsive?

Don’t be in such a hurry just because your web is attractive. Your website should be responsive to any devices on screen such as:-mobile, Laptop, I pad - If you look up some websites on your desktop or laptop screen, you may feel really amazed about their website, but if you view the same website on your mobile, it may look untidy. It means those website are not responsive to all devices. Today most people surf the web using their mobiles rather than desktops or laptops. Therefore it is a must for your website to be responsive. Unresponsive websites distract the customers. You may already have a website, but it might not be responsive. Test your mobile friendly website. Test your mobile friendly here

Is it SEO friendly?

If your website doesn’t appear on the top of the list in the search engine, it probably won’t be viewed much by potential customers. Please visit our page “SEO” for more details. SEO

If by chance your website lacks attractiveness, responsiveness or is not SEO friendly, please feel free to contact us - because we can fix it for you.