SEO Campaigns (Search Engine Optimization)

If your website appears on the very top of the Search Engine results, it simply means more website traffic, leading to more customers and more revenue. So obviously, every business owner competes for search engine rankings for their website. Unfortunately, search engine optimization is not a process that happens automatically or even easily. It takes a combination of several strategies and techniques to boost your website’s rankings and most importantly, it is a continuous process. You cannot simply boost your ranking and just keep it there. It needs continuous attention and maintenance to keep your website ranked above that of all your competitors. Vertec IT Solutions presents you with several SEO packages, spanning across different time periods, specially designed to ensure that your SEO experience is not something that you will disregard.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media is one of the most widely used online marketing tools these days. Without any doubt, social media marketing provides exposure to your targeted customers like no other platform of online marketing can do. This is the reason why many business owners around the world are integrating social media resources with their websites in order to make their business more profitable and successful. There are plenty of benefits that a businessman can get after integrating these tools with local website marketing. Through this process, we will help you to make your business more profitable and successful.


Google Adwords Campaigns (PPC)

Out of over 6 million internet users of Sri Lanka, only an approximation of 3 million of them are directly interacting with popular social media like Facebook. Therefore these various social media advertisements would be ignoring the remaining 3 million internet users who are potential customers as well. Google being the most popular search engine used in Sri Lanka and the world, advertising with Google adwords would most definitely help you to reach a larger audience of potential customers.

Email Marketing Campaigns

There’s a lot of talk about social media today, but email is still the most reliable way to communicate online. People check their email regularly and they’re used to receiving important updates to their email accounts. We have over 100,000 valuable trustworthy corporate email addresses that belong to professional who too can be your potential clients.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Sri Lanka is the country which has highest mobile penetration totaling up to 120%. Therefore SMS is one of basic and 100% delivery ensured method to reach your customers in Sri Lanka rather than any available promotional method.

Video Marketing Campaign(Youtube Promotions)

Video marketing is the marketing of your brand name using videos that includes content that is relevant to the business regardless of whether they are customer testimonials, videos from events, explainer videos, etc. Using videos to market your brand name has many advantages such as being much more interesting and effective in transmitting the message to the viewer, being easily accessible nowadays.
Youtube onsite is the facility limited to UK and USA which allows businesses and freelancers to produce videos advertising their services and displaying it on Youtube. Since this facility is not available in Sri Lanka, we are able to produce such videos on your behalf and display them on Youtube.